Are we there yet? This age old question is not only reserved for kids on a long car trip, it’s also relevant to many organizations. However, many organizations rarely take the time to articulate where they’re going or how they plan to get there. Therefore, the “are we there yet” question becomes difficult to answer. The Level Five strategy development process is designed to help an organization clarify its aspiration, understand its full potential, identify key strategic levers, provide a value creation blueprint and road map, and create a resource and investment portfolio plan. Net, we help you determine where you’re going and how to get there so that it’s clear to your team when you’ve arrived.

Featured Services

  • Internal Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Demand Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Microeconomic Analysis
  • Business Model Development
  • Investment Portfolio
  • Full Potential Analysis
  • Key Initiatives
  • Business Model Matrix
  • Capability Requirements
  • Summary Strategy Document


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What Client’s Say

Our organization has worked with Terry in “Strategic Planning” with our Leadership Team. With Terry’s assistance, we have identified our business focus and competitive anchor in addition to targeting the unique planks and specific actions that will allow our organization to reach it’s goals. In my opinion, Terry is one of the best in his field in aligning the team to achieve the greater goals of the organization. The process that he employs not only ensured that our team was unified, but additionally, the culture was ready for change and there were appropriate management systems and tools in place to support reaching the goals we set.
As President and CEO of Berlin Industries, Inc., Terry was my coach. Not only has Terry been a most trusted advisor for both my personal and professional life but a true friend. His uncanny ability to identify issues and work together with any team for a solution is just a small part of what he brings to a business. Regardless of how challenged or successful one’s business is, there is always something to be gained from Terry. I marvel at the expertise and intensity/passion he can bring to your business issues. It seems I find myself quoting him every week! It is a sincere pleasure to work with Terry.
Tina Tromiczak, Pfingsten Partners, LLC

I would like to highly recommend Terry Trayvick as an Executive Coach.

Terry has an excellent approach in first understanding what frames ones personal and leadership style and what factors form the basis for your success, as well as the watch outs that come with your approach. He is adept at reading situations and understanding the dynamics and gaps of your leadership style, as well as the effectiveness of your entire team in this context.

Terry is unique in the world of executive coaching, in that he comes with a stellar business background and is able to understand the challenges of running a large business. He is armed with a lot of common sense and has a wealth of experience in the field to provide real life solutions.

Terry’s ability to listen, communicate and quickly develop affinity and trust with his clients makes him a standout amongst his peers. I can unequivocally state that time spent with Terry is one of the best investments of my career.